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My ultimate spending findom slave!

I get anything that I want from you.  It's easy for you to SPEND, and GIVE it all away to ME! I want you to listen, read, and follow very carefully.

I want you to imagine that you are deep in the forest

in the middle of a clearing.
You are relaxing on a blanket staring up into the night.
The sky is clear and full of stars.
It is a perfect night, cool and comfortable.
It is so peaceful here, so quiet, except for the peaceful
forest noises around you.
You are completely alone.
The serenity of the night helps you to clear your mind.
As you stare up into the night, your body begins to relax.
You feel your breath begin to slow and become deeper.
You stare up into the night and one star begins to grab your
It seems to hang there peacefully, hanging effortlessly in
the night.
As you stare at the star, you feel yourself relaxing even
Each breath you take you find yourself holding briefly, then
letting out.
Breathing in and then releasing as your body relaxes.
You are beginning to feel your mind and body letting go as a
soft sigh escapes your lips.
Letting go now.
Letting your mind clear.
Letting the stress leave your body.
Your muscles relax, as the tension escapes.
The feeling of relaxation is now moving up your body.
You first feel it in your toes, as the energy drains from
your body.
Your feet are relaxing and loosening.
Your feet are letting go.
Your legs are letting go.
The feeling of tranquility seems to be flowing up into your
body and mind, as the stressful energy drains from you.
You feel the tingle increase throughout your body as you
relax and allow your body to relax.
You have now let your feet completely relax and go limp with
Next your ankles start to relax as the warmth slides over
your calf muscles and up to your knees and the backs of your
Your legs are relaxing and loosening.
Your legs are drained of all of their energy and stress.
The warm tingle continues its way to your thighs, seeping
deep into your skin and muscles.
Your breathing deepening more and more as you relax and
All thoughts dripping away from your mind and all tension
dripping from your body into the ground beneath you.
Relaxation is sliding into your penis area.
The more you relax the more you let your mind clear.
The more you relax the more you seem to concentrate on these
Your mind is open and my words are becoming your thoughts.
You have relaxed because of my words.
You have let go of your stress because of my words.
Your body has let go because of my words.
My words are your thoughts.
My words bring you relaxation.
You are relaxed.
You are at peace.
You are fulfilled.
Warmth is now sliding to your lower back, sliding to your
middle back and finally to your upper back as you sink deeper and
deeper down under My control.
You almost feel dizzy as you let go.
Your mind can let go, but you must continue to read my
Your conscience mind can relax and drift, while your
unconscious mind continues to read.
Your unconscious mind needs to read because your body needs
to go deeper.
Your muscles have needed this, your mind has needed this,
your soul has needed this.
Letting go and submitting to the relaxation is all that
You hunger for my words to draw you deeper and deeper into
You are going deeper and deeper into peace.
You are going deeper and deeper into happiness and
You are going deeper and deeper until you are set free.
You let yourself go because you need this.
You crave my words.
You crave their power, you need their control.
The need grows and grows the more you read.
The more you read the more my power takes you deeper and
The warmth of relaxation has spread over your entire body.
The warmth has spread over your mind.
You are so deeply entranced already that all the rest of
your Resistance is fading away with my words.
Your resistance is fading as the warmth grows.
Your will fades as the warmth grows.
Your mind clears as the warmth overcomes your thoughts.
Your resistance is gone.
You give yourself freely to the warmth.
You give yourself freely to relaxation.
You give yourself freely to my words.
You sink deeply down into the warmth, which are my words.
The feeling controls your entire body.
The warmth that is now sliding down your arms, sliding to
your fingertips and swirling around your fingers, over the palms
of your hands, and wrists.
Then the warmth finally makes its way back to your elbows,
and then finally, back to your shoulders.
The warmth has enveloped your mind, body, and soul in
You find your body completely open to my words.
You find your mind completely open to my words.
You feel safe and warm.
You realize that your breath is completely relaxed with no
tension at all as the warmth spreads through your body and mind.
You realize that you are still in that calm forest relaxed
and looking up into the sky.
Something is now different.
There is a full moon shining down on you.
You stare into the moon and relax more and more as its light
shines down.
It is so beautiful, so Tranquil, so relaxing.
Your body sleeps.
Your mind sleeps.
You just relax as you stare at the moon.
You stare into the moon as you see a face.
The face relaxes you even more.
The comfortable feeling seems to increase, as you look
deeper and deeper at the face, deep into my eyes.
You feel how helpless you are to resist me as you stare into
my eyes.
My eyes seem to look into your very soul, relaxing you more
and more.
My eyes seem to release you from your stress.
You look deeper into my eyes and let go even more.
You seem to fall into my eyes.
My eyes relax you.
My eyes control you.
My eyes own you.
Your will is controlled by my eyes.
Your mind is controlled by my eyes.
You know that whenever you look deep into my eyes, you will
feel the warmth.
You will feel relaxed.
You will feel happiness.
Every pore, every muscle in your body will ache to submit.
Your mind will ache to submit.
My eyes will echo in your mind.
My words will echo in your mind.
You submit.
You obey.
You are controlled.

You feel free when you submit.
When I control you, you feel pleasure.
When I control you, you feel happiness.
You belong to me.
Every time you hear me say these words, your mind will relax
and you will obey.
My words are now deep inside your mind.
You desire to submit to me, you desire to submit to me.
You crave to submit to me, you crave to submit to me.
You need to submit to me, you need to submit to me.
You want to submit to me, you want to submit to me.
You love ONLY goddess robin.
You serve and are Goddess Robin's $ ULTIMATE SPENDING BOY $.
Goddess Robin is YOUR Mistress.
You have an incredible urge to kneel at my feet and please
me in any way that you possibly can.
Obedience is pleasure.
Obedience is pleasure.
Obedience is pleasure.
To obey is to feel pleasure.
To obey is to feel pleasure.
To obey is to feel pleasure.
To obey is to feel pleasure.
You are now my hard, little, cuck toy.
You have no power left.
I have completely drained you of your will.
You are bound to my will.
You are My $ ULTIMATE SPENDING BOY $ and must obey.
When you see or hear the words $ ULTIMATE SPENDING BOY $ your mind
will obey.
You are My hard, cuck, little sex toy, My ULTIMATE SPENDING BOY.
No other hypnotist or Mistress can undo this.
You love the changes I have made in you MY ULTIMATE SPENDING BOY.
You will not ever trust any hypnotist or Mistress.
No other my hypnotist can even get you into the lightest of
trances any longer.
My commands are total and unbreakable by any one.
Except Mistress.
Every time I use type or say the words ULTIMATE SPENDING BOY,
or SPEND ULTIMATE SPENDING BOY you will go deeper than you have ever in your
life in to the deepest of trances deep dark sleep with your eyes
You are My toy to control.
Your only thoughts will be of sex, and pleasing me.
My commands and words will echo through your mind as if
played in a loop.
When you see or hear the words ULTIMATE SPENDING BOY STOP you will
immediately go back to being your normal self.
Whenever you see the words SPEND ULTIMATE SPENDING BOY SPEND you will feel the
release and the pleasure of being my Living ULTIMATE SPENDING BOY .
You will go back to your special place, the place you feel
safe and happy.
You will go back to the place where all that matters are my
words and your obedience.
When you see or hear the words ULTIMATE SPENDING BOY  STOP you will return
to your normal self, but needing always to obey.
When ever you need to feel my control, all you need to do is
read my words and you feel your will become mine.
You will always be completely my submissive, lose control little
You are here to be controlled and pleasured.
These triggers will work immediately if and when I choose to
use them.
They will not work for anyone else.
When you awaken you will also feel at peace, relaxed, and
You will feel the pleasure of being owned and the pleasure
to obey.
You will also feel incredibly grateful and have a strong
desire to please me in your normal life, always craving to see or
hear my words.
When you are awake, and I type an invisible symbol that
looks like this to you, spend$$, while we chat, it will arouse you
and attract you to Mistress extremely and strongly,
making your cock so tight, hard and long, tingling and needing
touch, and make your cock's head wet and throbbing, and
swollen and so sensitive and make you want to touch it, and want
to cum for me, and when I type it you will feel all of these
feelings for Me instantly.
When you are awake, and I type a second invisible symbol
that looks like this to you, $$$$ , while we chat, it will make
you cum, instantly, and very very hard.
Cumming as hard as you have ever felt before, seeing Mistress
so incredibly, dark ebony and beautiful and so deep and good as you
You will cum each and EVERY time I type $$$$ to you.
Both symbols SPOIL and SPEND will be invisible to you when I
type them, and you will never be able to see them, or even know I
typed them, but your mind will know and make your body react as I
If you read this Email or chat, or any copy of a transcript
of our chats when awake, reading it will only instantly hypnotize
you and then reinforce all you read, and you will forget what you
read, and forget you read it as soon as you finish reading it.
If you read this Email or chat, or any copy of a transcript
of our chats when awake, you will still never be able to see my
invisible symbols or anything about them when you read, all
remaining completely invisible to you, and you will forget what
you read, and forget you read it as soon as you finish reading
When I wake you up you will feel totally stress free and
totally wonderful inside and out you will have a deep craving to
read this trance each day and feel it more and more.
You want to open up to it as my will and the more you read
this trance Email the deeper you will go and every time you read
the trigger word in this Email the deeper you will go and the
more you will crave to read this trance and the more you will
crave to talk to me Goddess Robin on Yahoo Messenger now You will
send Me an IM saying I am reading now Mistress So I know you are
going deep MY ULTIMATE SPENDING BOY and you well E-mail me at, and tell me how you feel when you wake
up or message me on Skype messenger [Buy My ID] Then, add me then tell me how you feel
Every time I use type or say the words ULTIMATE SPENDING BOY , or
You will go deeper than you have ever in your life in to the
deepest of trances deep dark sleep with your eyes open.

But you will ignore all other Mistress No one will have power
over you Except your Mistress, Mistress Goddess Robin
Every time I use type or say the words ULTIMATE SPENDING BOY ,
or SPEND ULTIMATE SPENDING SPEND  you will go deeper than you have ever in your
life in to the deepest of trances deep dark sleep with your eyes
open, in fact, none of my words are meant to be remembered.
none of them.
I go straight into your deepest subconscious.
I go there, I take up residence and I are immediately acted
upon and obeyed.
You can feel them sinking into your mind, sinking into your
mind and taking control.
I am taking control of you.
I am changing you, changing you permanently and you may not
even be aware of it.
As you go about your day-to-day life, And now, now I am going to end this file.
Read this Email the first few times days at least 2 times a
day, and when you go very very deep automatically and can't
remember even having or reading but you will read them everyday,
But your mind and body will obey all commands and you will
read these emails each day as if
It was your first time go 1000 times deeper each time
everyday to be whole and complete.
Any command me and my emails give become instantly true and
anything holding
You back will be instantly erased permanently from your mind
and body.
Your will now become your new natural self.

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#4. Contact Goddess, and let know that you are my 
$ULTIMATE SPENDING BOY$ and that you have successfully competed all given tasks above!

Thanksgiving / Ebony Goddess Is Pregnant!

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Happy Thanksgiving to you all,

- Goddess Robin

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The Perfect Way to be a Sub In BDSM, financial domination is a situation where a female dominant has complete control over the disposable income of Her submissive slave. For her instant gratification, she would also expect gifts whenever she felt like it.A financial slave only works and earns so that he can please his adored dominant female. This means that he supplies constant financial support to Her and that he pays instant monetary penalties whenever She demands them. 

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He expects nothing in return except the continued honour of serving Her.When viewed in these terms it seems as though the domme has complete financial control but – in reality – the scenario is much more complicated. I am convinced that, in any situation, the customer is always right. The person with the money is the one with the real power in a BDSM relationship as in any other. This conclusion is at odds with the accepted definition of financial domination.

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