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Thursday, June 26, 2014

I'm still around Financial Domination | Money Princess

Hello Boys,

I've been super busy with all of the things that I listed below.  Yes, I am still around via appointment -ONLY- with a paid tribute for sessions (Skype/Yahoo) due to my massive crazy schedule.

Meantime the best way to gain my attention is to keep sending gifts from my Amazon wishlist to gain access into my wonderful world.

-Moved to a bigger city (Palm Beach)

-Focusing on a new business (It's online, and a surprise)

-Upgrading my car ( I'm looking at the C250 & the E350 coupe Mercedes) 

-Finishing up my Masters ( Business )


Apply to become my pet below



- Goddess Robin xoxo

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Donald Sterling Banned For Life, Not from Financial Domination!

It’s Pretty sad that he is banned for life, I’m sure he did not truly mean what he said. (Well now of course LOL)  He did have a smoking hot black mistress like myself that he was dating.  Which she clearly planned to screw him over just like a ebony findom is suppose to do.  Not only using his pathetic ass for cash, lavish gifts.... condos, bentleys, range rovers, and diamonds.  

And did I forget to mention to become famous as well with loads of fame, interviews, press, books, and whatever else a greedy domme wants to do to his pathetic crown ass.  Not only was she a smart domina, but a hot one! You go girl!!
 {What a nice setup, get him super drunk.. make him talk shit.. then blackmail him in public through TMZ with a recorded tape.}
Donald Sterling, you may be banned from the NBA for LIFE, but you can still make large wire transfers of your hard cash to “ The Royal Bank” of Goddess Robin.  :D

Monday, April 14, 2014

Update - Niteflirt ( MissRobinRiches)

Updated change.  I'm no longer using my old niteflirt link


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Earn Cash for Princess, Mistress, Ebony Findom Goddess Robin

Unemployed & Need a Job?

Sign up below and earn Extra Cash to spend on Goddess Robin!!!

It's pretty simple & easy! You will be processing easy emails and cashing out with $25 per email.  * Now, if you are a good boy that means that you should be sending me more then half of what you will be making.  Plus I was for one that gave you the information about the job in the first place.

What are you waiting for? Go head and sign up! It's $25, and you will be making your $25 back from the 1st. email that you process.  This is a 100% real job, and you should take it seriously.  
(Serious boys/pets need to apply only)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Spoiled Ebony Femdom Financial Dominatrix

Being an Ebony Femdom I am spoiled, adored, and loved daily.  If you are following me on Twitter you will see that I am loved daily with loads of gifts & cash.  You boys truly appreciate me.

Keep being obedient, and showing me your love.  And you will be praised for great behavior.   Here are some of the fabulous gifts I received for Vday.

Read this rest of this post here!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I'm in love with Financial Domination

Roses are red, violets are blue
Once I get close to you.
I will deprive & destroy you just like a deadly spider.
  You will be hooked, and caught forever into my tantalizing endless web.  - Goddess Robin

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Financial Domination, Wealth, Spoiled Blessings 2014

To All My Faithful Pets, Admires, and Pay Piggies!

2013 has been an amazing year.  Love, joy, abundance, and opportunities for continuous positive... growth for 2014 from me to all of you!

Thank you for Bringing me more Happiness, Wealth, and Positivity.

Now for 2014, I wish you happiness, great health, and a more bright financial future.  So you can continue to enrich & bless Goddess Robin’s Luxury Lifestyle.

OK Boys .... Now Say Thank you back to your goddess with a tribute below to kick start this amazing prosperous New Year ahead.

**Send goddess a New Year’s Gift to Goddess Robin**

I have some new business adventures that I am working on. Goddess could use a new computer, my old mac book pro is just about done.   And plus it's a New Year.. meaning that I deserve a NEW computer.

**Send goddess a kick start Tribute for 2014**


✿ $50.00
 ✿ $200.00
 ✿ $600.00
 ✿ $999.00


With a Cash or certified Chase or TD Bank tribute to my Po Box below, with your wishes for the New Year.  And may the odds, and blessings be in your favor.

  P.O. Box 882291 

  Port Saint Lucie, FL. 34988

email me tracking after you have sent:

BTW: ** Forgot to mention that I am now a home owner to a beautiful stunning 6/5 luxurious pool, mediterranean style Florida dream home.  ;-)  I'm going to need lot's of new future to furnished this bad boy.  So head over to my Amazon wishlist, and get to shopping for goddess boys.

** Now, all I need is a new pink Bentley just like my girl Paris Hilton** Manifesting it already into Goddess Robin's hands.  Oh yummy.   

Thank you for making all my dreams & wishes come true!!!!


Goddess Robin

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