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Thanksgiving / Ebony Goddess Is Pregnant!

Some of you already knew if you have been keeping up with me on Twitter.  And others pets did not know.  Yes, it's true Goddess is having a beautiful baby!

I'm very excited, and can't wait to meet my baby this coming "Spring 2016."

During my pregnancy I will still be making vids on clips4sale, and giving sessions through my NF account.

You are more then welcome to send Goddess Congratulations gifts from my Amazon.

Thanks for being supportive pets.  I am very happy!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all,

- Goddess Robin

The $15K/ Month Prenuptial Agreement

The $15,000/ Month Prenuptial Agreement 

You recently tried to proposed to Goddess Robin with a $10,000, Flawless, Stunning Diamond Engagement ring by Neil Lane.  I gainfully said Yes, and took the engagement ring.  Being a very strong, dominant Alpha Woman couldn't care less that you are in love with me.  All I want is for you to sign my bullet proof prenuptial agreement.  You are still pathetic to me, and I would never marry a worthless loser like yourself.  And if I would ever consider it, it would unquestionably be for financial reasons for my full benefit to increase my exquisite luxury lifestyle longterm -ONLY- . 

Buy my Prenuptial Agreement and find out how I will be screwing up your mind, your manhood, and lastly your finances with my demanding terms all for my pleasure.  This will be fun! ;-) I’m so excited, to use you like a piece of tissue. 

Hide from your wife online, and spend on Findom Mistress!

Hello Boys, and Pets!

I made this post just for you.  A lot of you submissive pigs would like to spend more money on your ebony perfect Goddess.  A lot of you pigs are married to a fat old lady..... And very afraid of getting caught!

Well today is your lucky day!

Here are some ways to hide, and cheat on your pathetic, fat, ugly, wife with Goddess Robin!  Get ready to SPEND, AND SEND all your money to Goddess Robin.

I'm going to break it down for you in easy Steps!

#Step 1.  ALWAYS - Use a private, and separate "password protected" computer for your personal use ONLY.  For communicating with Goddess Robin.

#Step 2.  Open up a private Po. Box. for all of your private mail

#Step 3.  Use private pre-paid phone for calling me Via NiteFlirt "NF" ;-)

#Step 4.  Get a Pre-paid debit card to load money on to.  Load at least $10k onto the card to spend all of Goddess Robin  ;-)  You will need enough money to start, and play with.   HEHE. ;-)

Forward all your mailing information for the cards to your PO BOX! ;-)

Best Options for Pre-paid reloadable cards:
#1. Pick - American Express Serve card 
#2. Pick - Chase Liquid (google it )

Hope my tips helped!  Now get busy, and start sending your Tributes to ME!

xoxo  - Goddess Robin

Love My Findom Luxury Life.. BE my perfect subby!

It's my Princess life, and your just a little ant living in my perfect world.  Here's some Little reminders on how to be a good obedient slave below.

The Perfect Way to be a Sub In BDSM, financial domination is a situation where a female dominant has complete control over the disposable income of Her submissive slave. For her instant gratification, she would also expect gifts whenever she felt like it.A financial slave only works and earns so that he can please his adored dominant female. This means that he supplies constant financial support to Her and that he pays instant monetary penalties whenever She demands them. 

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Complete Control Over You!
HD 1080pI keep getting whatever I want from you. ANYTHING!

You love seeing Goddess in Hot outfits.. Dresses, Bras, and high heels.
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A key part of financial domination is the slave’s acceptance that he should only live on the cheapest groceries available so that his Goddess can enjoy more luxuries at his expense. To permit his domme to live like the Goddess that he knows She is, a good slave will make any sacrifice and – more importantly – take huge fetishistic pleasure in doing so. 

He expects nothing in return except the continued honour of serving Her.When viewed in these terms it seems as though the domme has complete financial control but – in reality – the scenario is much more complicated. I am convinced that, in any situation, the customer is always right. The person with the money is the one with the real power in a BDSM relationship as in any other. This conclusion is at odds with the accepted definition of financial domination.

Worship Financial Domination Bratty Goddess Robin

New updates for all my submissive pets. 

I just uploaded some new clips for all my wankers out there! 


 *** Stroke & Pay My Sexy Legs ***

HD1080p. You only have one purpose in life! Worshiping a superior Goddess! You will PAY UP for the privilege of worshiping ME. PAY. Pay my sexy legs, and worship my whole HOT body! If you're not paying, you do not exist. I know how hot I am and I know what my legs do to you. I know how to use them to keep you paying and paying and LOVING IT. You love sexy legs and mine are the sexiest. The most perfect, the most expensive.

I love taken boys money on NiteFlirt "NF". 
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A good little pet #subbytony brought me this sexy $250

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Findom Goddess Robin Milking MoneySlaves!

Hello Pets,

I have not written a blog post in a while.  ;/ Oh well.. I guess I've been too busy milking losers/pet boys on NF, and on my HD Webcam.  I will be posting new clips, and more blog posts more constantly now.  So save my blog, and check back weekly for new updates from your fav online ebony bombshell Goddess Robin ME! hehe.  ;-)

Keep feeding your little pea brain with my mindless hypo clips below:

Goddess Robin $1,000,000 Million Dollar Legs

I've been told that my legs are so stunningly beautiful that they should be Insured, and protected for $1,000,000. Not only are they amongst one of my great assets. You will be worshiping my golden legs, and paying your tributes to there royal existence.

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Financial Domination New Play House for Submissive Pets

Goddess Robin has a new submissive play house for all of you paysluts, human atms, money slaves, and submissive servants.   Click on the photo below! Right in time before Christmas.   Spoil your self this Holiday season with a "membership treat".